R.E.M. and Hip albums, in descending order of goodness

(never has so much thought and careful deliberation been put into a post)

R.E.M. (studio albums only)
    1. New Adventures in Hi-Fi
    2. Automatic for the People
    3. Lifes Rich Pageant
    4. Green
    5. Out of Time
    6. Monster
    7. Murmur
    8. Document
    9. Reveal
    10.Fables of the Reconstruction

The Tragically Hip (studio only)
    1. Road Apples
    2. Phantom Power
    3. Fully Completely
    4. Day for Night
    5. Up to Here
    6. In Violet Light
    7. Music@Work
    8. Trouble at the Henhouse
    9. 'The Blue Album'
    (self-titled ep)

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