wanna preview copy of my (never-to-be-published) book?

to my 10 or so loyal readers: if you leave a comment below, with an email address included, I'll send you the completed 'director's cut' version of 'Freedom is a Cupcake' (the book, not the web site), in MS-WORD attachment form. own a piece of online history, absolutely free!

as I've mentioned previous, this collection includes 100 poems/nonpoems/ prose thingys written by yours truly, some of which you may recognize from this site, but there are many many others (i'd say about 30-40) that have never seen the light of day (because they're too hot for cyberspace!). so leave your email addy, and I'll ship FIAC off to you as soon as I can!

if you are a hard-core follower and want a hard-copy version (published at kinkos, where the copiers never sleep), we can negotiate that over email, after I send you your free attachment!

this is a genuine offer: the book is done, and I'm giving it away. why? because i'm a nice person, that's why. so just leave a comment below!

(renegade marketing, yes)

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