Man I'm tired

Whoa... nelly.

Putting on a freak-ass clinic of such mind-blowing, all-encompassing importance is tiring indeed. Churning out this crap takes a lotta love (well, churning it is easy; keeping it *fresh* is a whole 'nother tub of butter). My second book is already one-third to one-half written--it's going to be an insane collection of insane short stories. It'll require some thirsty and contusion-inducing work to put that one together, but I hope it will blow minds. Right now however I need a vacation; maybe a couple days' respite from the FIAC. While I retool in the pat-cave, please do click below on the May 22 post, and I'll send you your copy of Vol. 1.

Phew. I'll be back and fresh on Saturday; fresh like a fistful of daisies--I'll be tossing you outta bed and smackin' you in the face. So giddyup, and get ready.

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