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They've been linked to my page for weeks and months--here's one or two reasons you should pay visit:

Worthy Colleagues:
  • Angry Brown Man: highlights include slice-o-life social commentary, served straight up from the T-dot. Sometimes gruesome, always honest, ABM does not suffer fools gladly. And he's lefthanded, like the best of us. Now includes foto-blog!
  • Andromache-Brie: currently drunk on wine in the Niagara region, AB's a sassy personality who tells her stories with irresistible brevity. She's been absent though--write soon, lady!
  • Liberty Man: this polished (no pun intended) site is owned/operated by the incomparable Peter Jaworksi, aka one-man libertarian juggernaut. Also, a swell and entertaining fellow. Cool site design, deft use of photographs, and how about that HAIR? Spectacular!
  • Journal of Doubt: at the other end of the political spectrum is JOD, which seamlessly mixes anti-Dubya invective with sketches of urbanite life in Philadelphia, as well as the author's 'gonzo' travelogue exploits. This is a sincere, humane voice; all-in-all a most edifying read. And, dude has served in the army--talk about street cred!
  • Observances from a Stick: start reading this Colorado blogger and very soon it's like you're old friends; she oozes warmth and familiarity. An optimist--which, if you spend any amount of time online, is rather refreshing.
  • Three Angry Guys: three guys, two words: feckin' hilarious.
  • Spencerville Wayne - Bandwith: the ongoing of history of hoax music, a new companion site to the SW archives. Owner has suddenly gone on hiatus, but there's a ludicrous kind of magic at work here. So hang Francine--and leave her swinging from a tree!
  • No No No Leah!: highly necessary skewering of Canada's most god-awfully, bobbleheadedly obscene ninny of a daily newspaper columnist, ie Leah 'Tee-hee' McLaren of Globe and Mail infamy.
  • Candide, I Am: no guff, no fluff, this is snappy and elegant poetry.
  • Leftbanker: hardcore Seattle blogger who takes his wicked satire seriously. Not too many bells or whistles, just post after solid post.
  • Vancouver Girl who Owes me Letter: this left-coast freelancer and pop-cult-media-junkie was the first person I knew to have a blog; we're all following her footsteps. Check out her selection of nifty thong underwear!

The variety and quality of blogs out there is indeed mindbloggling (a pun! ahaahhhaahaha!), but the above menu should keep you busy for a while. So I sayz peace out to alla yall, and keep fightin the fight.

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