"Everyone should live the way you do"

Len Ford Park is at the
edge of the City, the end
of the Lake -
here is your freshwater forest-top metropolis,
long branches and alder woods,
weeping willows and the wind at
1:24 pm; cold breeze, blue water
heart aches, head clear as
a blue bell
and on a clear day you can see
past the armpit of Ontario,
on a clear afternoon you see for
miles: solitary single women, grandmas
pushing strollers, babies
baptized by the waterfront and
tiny proud bungalows along the
shoreline whose owners must
wake up every morning inhaling the air
like kings;
given the right situation,
the lie of the land, given a
chance and circumstance anyone can
be a king;
canada flags flutter, smokestacks
rising in the west
beyond the busy highway,
it's virgin territory
a patch of green outside the everyday
grey; so look for secrets here,
discover a new Toronto; it's in
the winding narrows and
vast expansive spirits, buried
just beneath the surface in April
in the southwest corner
of Etobicoke.

(a 'poem' poem... yich ~pm)

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