rhythm experiment

(to be read aloud)

one big tree's all I need
topple you with my big poo, it
clangs and shakes the motor breaks
the fist I take and ram it through

everyone must catch the meaning it
sucks the brain and takes the tweezing, it
calluses the inside of my head
it rocks and talks the way we trust it
must unrust the bust I lust for else I'll
end up dead.

Here I can and now you can't you are a sinner
you must recant, you can tell me and everyone I see it's
a walking talking fantasy, so come with me
don't tell me lies, it sighs skies I realize a hypnotizing rhythm
unwise to surmise the fly-pies in the eyes of the wiggety white guys.

And taking and telling unravelling hellions and
the motorcycle millions and the silly old sarcophogal mould
the older I get it's useful to forget the
truce I won't regret it begets clorets
and menthol cigarettes, I take bets to
impress the suffragettes.

In and out I tinker about so long without
my baby trout, she cannot shout about the drought she
walks about the square and there is nothing there care to for,
romeos and wherefores I scare
forlorn to winter time so wash the brine from my hide,
it cracks inside, yet we grow stronger in the meantime, the faulty brick it
sticks thick and makes me sick this rickety stop I
wonder at the top it unlocks bricks to throw at cops.
We can stop we can't heave it over the top it rolls logs and clogs itself like a sewer dog, pollywog and hunted hog.

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