She said

(and so I stopped to listen)

She said

"they say
the best things in the world can sometimes come from the
bottom of the barrel of a gun,

they tell me one year of pain is worth a moment of gain
and try not to think about it - it's just your brain."

"tough love, the way the world works, the earth randomly sprinkled with a fistful of jerks;
don't feel guilty for not being poor? shame on you, now donate some more
feeling a tad overqualified to march off to war? close your eyes, now forget you're a sacrificial whore"

"who made these rules? It must have been they
but they aren't here, not today, yet they
always get their way
(always the way, the way they get away),
always in the way"

she said "I think the devil of they, calls himself 'the people'"

"the people aren't they, the people are me and you, Betty and Lou, and another teeming six billion point two.

"they is the excuse, to put a noose on yourself, to serve something else
to grin,
lay in bed, offer blood
while the bullet from some firing line tears through your head
(judgment takes a holiday, your insides go grey, so don't think today)"

she said "don't lie on the shelf
don't live for someone else
don't stop churning, questioning, yearning
as long as you're burning, much as you're earning
don't fade away."

she said "when I'm finally me, how happy we shall be! when the subject is the object, then my life sentence is complete."

they don't like what she says.

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