Recipes for dust

It's another half-baked creation, mess of switches, wires and circuits; a heap of nothing coddled in a cocoon, map to nowhere, a corridor between pantries filled with styrofoam, puddle of egg whites whirlpooled to a froth, supped on by a dog and dried out in a dull grey sun. A wooden toothbrush or electric spoon, a fusion-powered-dandelion-sweater weaved by supersonic loom; it's a cocaine-fuelled symphony that ends in a capella scat, a rat-trap-factory janitor who takes catnaps in a sack. A windstorm in a barn or sand silo in the Sahara, table top varnished with wallpaper bits, brushed on with a mop ... some things don’t make sense, other things do, but this is something special, and I wrote it just for you - 'cuz there was nothing else to do.

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