five ramblings

(written Nov/03--well past the expiry date, but you gotta keep feeding the dragon)

Listen to the rock n roll splitting through the earphones, taking home tomes to read for lack of interesting company, try not to catch the chill of a lifetime as you look out on the street and see a blind empty city.

Fearful as an addict in the middle of February, we talked about whisky and the relative merits of the twisted Timpani sisters; agreeing about sunshine, all in favour of motherhood, a non starter, can we count the number of abstentions? A half-dozen hands up in the air.

Earwigs in the bathhouse scare three-year-old girls. Gorgons tiny turn housewives to stone--little enemies of peace order and good government. Making peace with the insects won’t be easy; tell your toddler to let alone that hornets' nest. (A stray rock can stir the pot.)

And thank heaven sends packets of ketchup to sweeten the mealy burgers cooked too high up on the range, home on the range, burglars without cars laughing at life in the slow lane. We are wry and imply unkindness, we die trying, we strive, work away like slaves for no pay all day and into the ending of night.

Dry out your eyes; here is the last bottle of beer I will ever drink. We wean ourselves off substances, we unlock the vice grip the poor thing has on our yodel yodel jingle bells and all the way to the bank...

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