(the expressible - language = pointing & grunting)


meta-magna-magic: beyond greater magic


‘there is greater magic at work’ is
what you say when
something feels really really good but
you haven’t waited long enough
to be able to put it
in a box

‘this is meaningless rubbish’ is
what you say when
you can’t be bothered
to track the associations

--good on ya I say;
I mean
who needs a troublemaker?
after all, our
brains are hard-wired for practical things
like humping and

but these poems are in the title
and the *poems* themselves are
the critical analysis.
but those poems, see, aren’t my poems
they are just somebody’s
tools I’m borrowing.

“wait, you mean
is this poetry--
or this is

a box, My kingdom for a box!

I guess
it is,
when you

(…is deformation)

put it that way.

[ps: yah, whatever.]

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