more good news!

I think I just solved one of the great mysteries of the Iron Age, namely, How did Thorold of Venisonia ever cross the Ptarmigan River with naught but cavalry and a few creaking barques, on his way to lambast the Parthians?

Well, as it turns out, old Thorold didn't even fjord the river! He just waited patiently until it was late afternoon and then crossed the bridge (yes, there must have been a bridge) over the Ptarmigan, when the bridge troll wasn't on duty. So there. QED. Ha ha, this was supposed to be a hard-to-solve Iron Age mystery, but fie fie, I have proven it--now it is inert.

In fact, I have solved at least 12 other Iron Age mysteries in past few days, but I will refrain from annoying you with the simple explanations (lest you begin rating me as overly pedantic). I tell you, these (scoff) oft-lauded Iron Age gurus aren't always so 'iron clad' in the head. So there, QED!

Onward, upward and larchward!

(this post, it's like nutrasweet is what it's like)

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