for my audrey h

(an honour, a privilege; more importantly--a delight. posted with permission)


flowers for the lioness (she lives in a tree)

are the words
delicate and strong
Norse-Irish magic, yes there’s
magic in her treehouse den,
she decorates her walls
with tender traces of
tears and smiles

I can’t decide whether
her hair is brown or blond or red
she’s all kinds of animals
a swan, or deer
—with an aching back

fierce, fiery are the words
I haven’t felt her roar
but I’ve seen her upset
and once I made her sad
I wonder, does she think
I am a clown

she’s a swan, yes
no, a gazelle
(I’ve seen her eat like an elephant!)
but she's royal as a lioness, she's
queen of her jungle

fetch me flowers for the lioness!
she lives up in a tree!

… I’m proud to say
I have held her
in my arms, and
kissed her

because we are two lions and
pride is a good word

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