Pizza man Ron's thimble-polish pickle

Ron the pizza man was uncomfortable when customers offered to pay him in thimble-polish instead of actual money. It’s true he was an avid sewing enthusiast, and many customers in the neighbourhood--who regularly ordered pizza from Pizzaman Paolini’s Pies (PPP's)--would ask Ron the pizza man for tips and advice on all manner of cross-stiching, crochet and needlework. And it’s true Ron relished this attention and the admiration of his customers, and the chance to pontificate about his hobby. But when some of them started to offer payment in thimble-polish for the pizzas instead of cash, Ron would hesitate nervously; his boss Rocco had threatened to fire him from PPP’s if he ever showed up at the end of his shift with no money but just a fistful of thimble-polish. Ron loved cross-stitching more than his job--and thimble-polish was a great thing to receive--but he couldn’t afford to get thrown out of work. So you can understand the pickle he was in.


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