Digging in word dirt

We need a new excuse to do this; this is the easiest thing to do.

I am not just blowing smoke. The worst is almost over.

You were the best part of my day. You were the only thing I could write about; I was blowing my life away.

Moments of weakness don't last.

I was every last fear you had, I was the worst of you that hides in darkness; I was the evil laugh and tiny nasty bits inside you.

I was about to call game over, throw in the towel, but there is a better part of me.

Discipline is necessary to be in uncomfortable situations all the time, to handle any novelty.

I was the crawling man in the ocean; I was eating feathers and wishing I could fly, I was letting off steam and breathing a loud long sigh.

You and I are beasts of light.

The underground cave - I live in this cave.

Everything for a higher purpose.

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