Forty-one minutes of agony (part I)

(a continuing experiment of writing without breathing)

Minutes 26-30:

"There is no reason why two things that are disparate when you stick them together on the page, there is no ultimate reason to reject them as incoherent. You say you like organically grown vegetables, but how about some organic thought processes, these are not manufactured, tightly controlled and pesticided thoughts, these are naturally occurring thoughts harvested from the fertile free-range groves of one person’s mind, and hence you’ll forgive me if I charge a cognitive premium on them, after all it’s perfectly ok to spend an extra 80 percent on super-wholesome all-grain soy products when 14 years ago you just bought the factory brand pasteurized chocolate milk and then wham there's the end of the discussion... The problem with variety, choice, is that it kills depth, a finer appreciation, a dedication and sense of ownership, not just the sensual fly-by-night tourism of the point and click traveler - laugh it you like it and throw it away quick - current. There were such great geniuses in the past because the number of activities were so few, all that energy could be focused, a mind of great general capacity unleashed in a particular direction which is the best recipe for 'greatness', the best way to be known and make a name for yourself and almost certainly a guarantee of tremendous unhappiness, so maybe if someone came along who could do anything he wanted, he would show how silly it is to be a specialist to be a expert how unhappy it makes you, and here we are the in the society of the idiot savant, Rain Man not just a cute story, it is the reality, Dustin Hoffman the everyman, the expert, Tom Cruise the frustrated deliverer, the Cassandra, the rock star. I used to be like Rain Man, I used to fall into his traps. Nobody should stay up nights reading the phone book, but when I was boy that’s pretty much what I would do, I would add up numbers to see that they added up, I was looking for some certainty, not trusting calculators that came before me, I was going to keep going down that path, I was a mathematical machine, I was keen on the movement of the mind, the easy answer and the thoughtless soulless nonjoy of always being right in a black and white world with no room for nuance and beauty."

(conclusion: If you don't breathe, you will go crazy!)

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