fuzzy rhymy thing

Happiness is easy, a breeze, just say please and it comes, the numbness runs for cover, the drugged sullen dullness, not so much fun, vanishes and the remaining lake of sparkles twinkle shinily, a zesty fresh lightness, an airy knowing politeness. An experiment in symmetry, a happy breath of kundalini yoga, a fine and gassy soda, a helmeted hula twirl, a vanilla chocolate swirl. My tongue and my fingers long for each other, smouldering glances linger, life sentences, trading zingers, I am a flinger of artistic martialed word-woo, the sworded sordid heir of do, it’s such a wilde beest, nothing gnu under the sunny delight, a mashing happy slap, a frozen map takes you through hades, the darkest hour of night. We are tall and tender, lovers slender on a brain bender, philosophic trees like Anaximander speaking Greek to lizards, Tyrannosaurus Lex, salamanders, luddite lizards fossilized on Pyrex. I am keen to believe this is no dream, not a swine’s moment in an ominous afternoon before piggish executions; my elocution electrifries your fascist search, your final solutions. No fresh face can take its place, my grace is etched on a lithograph, a sail set upon a mast, a golden figure in hourglass. So drink the wine and celebrate as crystal goblets oscillate, your tuning fork cuts like a blade, your voice sets fire to the Ever glades.

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