remembering november 13, 2003

(a memory as good as any)

I looked at the toaster across the room, afraid little bugs might crawl out of it and ask me for money to buy toys for their kids. Insects have children too and they like Christmas just as much as we do. I turned off the kitchen light and lit a candle. My vigil was lengthy and I got sleepy and faded. When out I had a dream about a sailboat in the sea. We were standing on the deck and the spray got all over our shirts, exposing your nipples. I laughed and I laughed. I was eating a pomegranate.

It was the day I saw the man die.

The day my prime minister made me cry

I was sitting in the subterranean vault

And you were being shown the door

By the party you owned like a despot

You didn’t speak either language

But you made your point.

(Belinda good luck)

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