animal crackers

(mind-bogglingly stupid; with nod to S&G's 'At the Zoo')

animal crackers

fish are in the schoolyard
the trout are in the barn,
llamas are chiding the dromedaries
--it all sounds quite divine.

the pandas get quite queasy
chugging quesadillas,
nor do lemurs have it easy
importing raisins from Manila.

the ocelots are tepid
they don’t support the arts
the pumas are pee-yew-mas
adept at cupping farts.

the orcas held a conference
exhort the walrus and the seals
they're tired of trade restrictions
that hurt the common weal.

and ibexes are deadly
their horns can pierce a tank
while skunks are quite lascivious
—those stinky smelly skanks.

yes, the animals are everywhere
they're flooping from the trees
but their pageantry's oblivious
to silly human beans.

(hmm ... needs penultimate ‘transition’ stanza?)

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