eloquent testimonial

"I got a friend, he a big pizza pie makin chillyo, name o’ Frederico. Now things went to shizzle for this mofo, but ol F-diggety didn’t crumble or nuth, tho it was bad. It was badder than Tremclad, yo, It was like the fourth of July in reverse, worse than a bunch a turkeys in yer face. But no way man, Effie he’s tall crayfish in a sea of lazy clam! F-bop he goes down, sure, but not underground, no way ma bubba. In short it’s all pow-wow and no shizzazzle; Freddy he picked hisself up, did the dusty dust, and continuations were ensuant yo. So, things became wickedy-dick prêttee-dam-quik. Talk aboot the inspira-tron, my bruthnut, cuz F-bomb return to the pizza rollin and the pie bakin, better than eva, and his biznitch near trippy-dips in a ma-fat-ter o’ months. All because of lil ticket I call Rabbi Tone-def Robbinovitch and the Persona Pow-wow Programm!"

(holds for applause)

"Masta Tone, will ya pleez burglarize me from da micro-funk?"

(Tony Robbins smiles, takes microphone)

"Now let Massa T-Rex sing the mass!"

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