the Poltergeist Magnificane

Welcome to the world of the Poltergeist Magnificane and the popular poultry finger:

“Yesterdiction, Futurifaction, Satisblixion, Multivacuation are the order of the day.”

So sit on my throne, police my face - you are the best wet dressers in the whole damn place.

Usurious road nuggets hiss trembling and yelp yellowy. Whether Iguana rectum or walrus whisker, my violet feathery foxfiddle begins to be a trickster. So quiggle my thumb, rub my tum, begin barn-blasting and open up the rum, we are the tall tots boasting about the cage full o' chum, we are the big smelly acoustically unholy pollywog-and-rolypoly coconut drums!

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