the lizard is back

(impenetrable as ever)

Trebuchet magnificence comes into mind at least expected times, and police coat moon wagons cannot fret until the yesterday choice magnets frump contiguously from one census tract to the next. We are alarmed at the dripping of water in the basement - how can you sleep at night? Politeness pays more than firmness, so let those recalcitrant debtors alone, like Solon in Athens - something about the letting loose of chains. Forgive debts and there’s great release of creativity; this has been documented hundreds of times through history... In outside space created by industrialists and business interests we walk in straight paths; we sing to rhythms jotted down on horizontal lines; predictability pacifies the masses say patricians. We move from left-to-right back to the margins, we're like the typewriter return key. I opened the door, to breathe oxygen; and my autistic subconscious rattled off lists, the best the british the ancient men; I talked internally, wandered finally to the great ubermensch the loggerheaded beatnik microphage the spirochetes and the dog treats you leave on a shelf for when the neighbour’s pup trips by...?

We surf amid polluted fruit food, the mood music interludes, the mid-tempo transitions to a more advantageous auricular position, the decision to stick with fission, the semantic stitch after the linguistic incision; your tongue gets stuck in neutral, so rub the clutch with a grapefruit citrus herbal concoction. In Latin we were Roman, in Greek we were Hellenes; we wallowed in testamental sight-reading eyeball look look look at me now, an AmeroCanado-Englishmun, please, call the doctor quick; Dear Dr. Marshall -- I've become a McLuhanatic.

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