toast of the town

the toast of the town
is sugary brown
the folks who eat it are
called ‘toaster hounds’
butter’s spread good
whipped and fluffy
jelly well slathered, it
makes a nice muffin

moist and chewy
this toast's the bee-yatch
folks goin' screwy
to taste the whole stack
the upper crust love it, it's
all of the rage
it's toast of the town, and
crumb-bums become sage

toast of the town
on all the cooking shows
the rest of the breakfast is
stale and it blows
but the toast of the town
has keys to the city
the flavour don’t last
but the banter is witty

the toast of the town
it boasts savoir-now
so let’s grab our chow
while it’s passing around

it's toast of the town
—but don’t burn your lips
as you swallow it down—

and if you chance to miss it
just catch the next round
when yesterday's plate’ll
be tossed to the ground.

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