2pm whippersnappers

guess jube jubes in a jar
stare at her afar
wait till they close the bar
and walk her home to doorstep

leucocytes and fistfights, morbid dizzying heights of vocab flex, she had a hex for every smile, wriggled out from every hug, so cynical her nipples bled vinegar, asking - begging - to be slapped.

he was a shrivelled dink, small on think and big on blather, lathering his borrowed opinions, rinsing repetitions, dissimulation and yawning putting out his neck on a block.

Jezebel my angel hold on to your hair, look at the mirror and marvel, your wrinkles relax and your face is marble. Sparkles make you beautiful, shining in neon, done up till Sunday with bubble gum and burnt sugar... (Now Jezebel won't even blush in her rouge, and her lips were lined by a marketing stooge.)

Slucking spitting bile, reviling your guile, wittiness with acidity is so easy - but I like your shallow shivers, glassy eyes, reminds me of riverboat casino-chatter and frozen apple pies.

Pharmocology is greener and user-friendly, well-medicated in political correctness and gender-neutral nomenclature, I was trying to bake a cowperson cookie but was stampeded by reality, so I rejected tradition in its totality and flew the solipsistic skies

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