Liquor stinking breath, wrestling Death under a trestle, Satan hellbent on mortar shells and pestilence, big bang helplessness and the sound of silence. Boohoo, this is you: vain barbells and leg presses, deep purple dressings on a black and blue face, laced veils and sweetened entrails, weary of eradicating the entire rat race. A woman’s wink sidelong at a bar, premonitions of a car crash in Iraq, her tenderest lash puts me on a rack, this drunken beauty queen - she weaves her own sash. I don’t wanna wake beside her in the trash.

Alight in a good place, the lightness at her waist, chemicals superfluous, clouds whirl perilously sweet, a beat leads me blind like a chocolate lab, exit this maze by my own right hand. Sums and figures, statistics lie and liars swagger, wipe the dagger clean, unsheathe a dream, flag a train and lay new tracks, there’s a man somewhere with a mountain on his back.

Be a crab and claw - or a lioness with cubs securely in her jaw. Bloated pigeons, wizened crows, sulking in secrets nobody knows. Topple those deadly hydrants and fire the hose, the fresh breeze blows, so head down to Momo’s and order Dom Perignon, sure it ain’t New Years but I got my freak on.

Heap on praise; be crazy! eat nothing but water for three or four days, start a parade, freshly mint the good old days, dedicate them to her gaze; rattle the cages but don’t get lazy. And do not watch quietly the firelit night. Instead, burn up right inside of it: fire is light.

Agree? Yes, quite easily. Agree agree - but not with me. Please let me be. Agree with yourself and your heart and the stars. But as for me, pay no mind. I’m just the scenery, and I’m doing fine.

But dance? Yes, dance! Dance and prance. Dance and prance and prance and dance. Do it all night. Do it all morning. Dance! Yeah. Do it in your underpants.

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