More names to be used in upcoming FIAC short stories

(the names drive the stories, see)

  • Fopzilla von Steinmetz (and her pet fish Znoosle, the Curmudgeonly Coelacanth)
  • Corporal Nar-Nar McMalady (who suffers from horrendous toenail clacking)
  • Kyle Oswald Destructo (and his Intrepid Piss-Drunk Legionnaires)
  • Ms. Norma Charles ScoopCoop aka 'La Grande Coccodrilla'
  • Googa Manthumper (and her lesbian lover Violencia DeSuavia)
  • Giacomini-Gerrardo Carstairs Gabrielle, curator of the Museum for Unimportant Things
  • Damian Crump aka the Grump
  • Hoosha Flutterbug, photojournalist extraordinaire
  • Todd Blarney , one-armed Irish tour guide with false teeth
  • Hamish Goldfarb-Yokahama, the Scottish-Japanese Israeli
  • ... I could go on...
Any favourites? Other suggestions?


Kaufman said...

I was smitten by the sound of Violencia DeSuavia, actually. She sounds like a round-the-clock participant in all matters of the flesh.

Anonymous said...

You may never even look at this blog again but I'd just like you to know I know "Damian Crump" and my personal goal in life is to terrorize him. Thus he is in fact "the Grump".

You just made my night. I thank thee.