Who’s luckier than a man with a big cheese sandwich? Indeed! Few of us can comprehend the beauty that’s inside the cheese.

I mean, have you ever eaten a large cheese sandwich? I ate one the other day and near shit my pants with delight. I was eating this absolute megabomb of a sandwich and along comes a spider, a big tall fatty named Octopod the Magnificent. I look at the spider and I compliment him on his purse. I say ‘Is that silk?’ but spiders don’t appreciate nuance, not like a praying mantis. But who cares when I got sammies on the brain.

Anyway I was eating a sandwich like I said and felt like the King of Heaven on a joy-bender. It was happiness, loose and groovy, bigtime smilesfest like when a vat of money falls in your lap and you go apeshit purchasing jewels or whatever. This sandwich had it all: sweet curves and tasty crust; it was like the Formula One of ensconced cheese. I can’t even remember what kind of cheese was in there exactly, it could have been laced with ecstasy cause that’s how it felt. So good, or should I say
gouda. Hahahaha.. I think it might have been Swiss but that’s like singling out one cheese for praise when a sandwich is by definition a team effort… all that matters is how good it felt you know?


Anonymous said...

hey, new layout!

ers said...


"Ensconced cheese" is my new favourite phrase. Will endeavour to use it three times in a sentence.