Killing the messenger

(msn frustration)
Why procrastination, no attention span nation, MSN beckons and teases, your decisionmaking increases in difficulty, Hick’s law more info takes more time, exponential complications, paralysis frustration, shut down the computer and be alone, open up connections and be overwhelmed, binary on and off, like scott summers shooting laser beams with every blink, all or nothing, I wish there was a happier medium. More intelligent yet more feeble with each innovation, specialists chasing nothing down to infinity like the graph of 1/x, x>0. Nuance yourself down to the bone, the threshold for necessity long since broken, everything now is superfluous. Report body counts on a hurricane, essential news, all views identical texture each digit indistinguishable, need analog to make this analogy, otherwise it’s monotony in stereo liquid crystal flat screen ads for ice creams and we scream louder each ad more expensive because attention is a singularity. This is what happens when you take the short run view, ignore the laws of thermodynamics and who pays for the ads? The consumer. Infinite desires overwhelm scarce resources, finite needs. TV screens should split up into smaller rectangles each with different sound throwing its voice at different parts of your ears and my remote control navigates me through the cocktail party so I pick out one conversation from many instead of the constant one-a-at-time parade of theatre that relic from the railroad age. Why captivate an audience at a movie theatre; is the linear storyline worth the perceptual inefficiency? Media need not be discreet, soon it will be the mass neuro medium. That’s how drugs work anyway I think.

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