fridge bits

I love mornings 6 to 8
caffeine a stop-gap measure
I don't have animosity
u seen my nephew, curly Joe?

shake dressing out of the jar
clean up toast crumbs
moist wet rag to cover scars
noah shuts eyes, awaits the flood

between moments, dialogue, episodes of mash
antennae high on alien signals
asteroid shaves your cheek

do aspire to meet the president
you, mr. janitor? crucial
clone a sheep a sheep a sheep
smelling salts? wasted on sleepyheads

once I had a scooby doo lunchbox
nesting swallows in the larch
I could multiply like a computer
but Google made me obsolete

so here's my brain to the highest bidder
food stamps would suffice
imagination, quantum zaps
u heard the latest from Condi Rice?

and a dozen hellos to my sweet saviour
my roses read for you alone
eggshell-delicate, sheltered in a superdome
when you sigh I feel the hurricane

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