bobby beholds beauty, beast

basement bobby, bard, barrelchested bloke, borderline beatnik, bottomed-out,
broke, balding, beggarly,
buys banana-banjo, beholds beastliness; begins bashing booklearning blowhards,
bossanova boinkery,
bespectacled bearded buzzword bureaucrats,
boyfriends banged by bread-n-butter bordello babes--bow-wow! brouhaha!--buxom, bouncy, blonde; bobby berates brazenly (bobby benign? bah)--
but baddass braggart bad boys bearing blimpish beer-belly baby-fat
breed bountifully, begetting blemished (blech) brainwashed bastards, blaxploitation bigots, bitchy blighters, because, bobby believes, billion bees--breathtaking beings born besotted, beautiful but bound, bewailing--buzz, bump, bleed, break, blackening bliss.
but bottom-line, before brunch? bugger-bollocks, bobby--beauty busts, beastliness booms, and business best be better.

(100 words; 99 b's, 1 a)

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