tranquilizer scansion (gleaming turd)

(this lil turd was dropped way back in Jan; I never bothered to edit/polish/feed it to the cupcake fire til now. you all deserve better--i'll pick it up this week with something fresh ... hope you had a nice weekend!)

A new decision for the mind, a new dose of the tranquilizer, let’s see what it does to me. You took a drink and popped a pill, it dissolved under your tongue. Can your fingers still do the pecking? Can those you speak to contain their wonder? Can the dragons blowing fire in your face muster up the courage to act contrary--to their instinctive flaming exhalations? Deliverance lay in 0.5 milligrams of the odious pumpernickel mini-disc, the benevolent dosage that soothes your hegemonic thrashing; will that fellowship ever realize itself? Unaware of geigerisms and gingerly struck subtleties laying firm, ghoulish souls trek their way to Mecca, it's the hajj that consoles the heart. But yellow blues men jack up the boxes outside the common thought, the swirling ebullience of the poly-glot. But most heathen men can’t swallow their pride--no, they can't, and we're still waiting outside.

Hermaphrodites in the winter night falling gently to my side in a super-slide oversized rug ride; we deride suicide and lean on the trusted cleansing power of Tide detergent. I did not consent to a lack of urgent intervention, or detriment prevention, when convening of previously unmentionable sources of dissension in conversation might augment the edification of a persona hell bent on self-destruction. It takes hold, it does--the euphoric bliss of the opening keys, the agents of neuromuscular tension taking an unwanted holiday, like I take leave of my senses every other day. Ghastly effects on the brain--I have to throw out that box of pills; I'll destroy those little bits of happiness, the small influences, unduly heeded mental guests, those cowardly agents of smoothing out and tension reducing, the limited trunk of the spiced fermented curd; the gleaming turd polished into an acceptable cruising state, the magic of the sentence never yet uttered, the uncomprehending stares of a mind outside your own. We all are outside (we just want to share ourselves with you). So we continue to strive, persevere, open, admit, reject, play, consolidate, grow. Hey is horses, for you and me; say "hey hey hey, man's mighty indeed."

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