jalopy lovin'

(more from the Dept. of the Profoundly Stupid)

jalopy lovin'

Archie Andrews, 65
Betty Cooper at his side
Archie’s hand upon her thigh
it's jalopifix, viagra pride

rambling, clattering, dusty road
’34 Chev, chugging load
creaking wheels, thin with rims
spare tire bolts to vinyl skin

crazy looks on avenues
boulevard princes slowly cruise
rubbernecking at the view
‘jalopies, man--they're frickin’ cool’

noxious engine, diesel fumes
pipe exhaust in blackened plumes
choking as we hit Main St
jalopies man, they can’t be beat

jalopies are a man’s best friend
sexy rusting metal cans
another romp is round the bend
nostalgia-lopping never ends!

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