The entertainer

(method to the madness)


The entertainer (Da-da dah dum duh dum dee dumb)

What’s the meaning, you will ask
dares he prance without a mask
smashing zeugma, spitting trash
how dare he break the covenant
and burst out in a rhyme

Get over it, you grey alcoholic toads
you hang ups, mildew sonnets, you Grecian odes
croaking in your poverty;
I am here to entertain
I do it with alacrity

Nuts to you, ascending judge
student master, mental sludge
your granite heart, too stoned to budge
--check thesaurus: ‘boring drudge’--
I come here bearing dynamite.

Sad little thesis, overwrought
bang advisor, if he’s hot
maybe he can put a word in
(spent youth worrying inside words)
that’s not all he’s putting in

I don’t conjure mystic lines
I don’t read Joyce, I don’t have the time;
my message not subliminal
those men are wanton criminals
who destroyed the goddamned language

Words are to communicate
food to eat and celebrate
why do you shrivel?
why do you despise?
get that pen out of my eye.

I spare no mercy for the poets
dead beat fathers, and they know it
washing dishes with their talent
age of 80 in an instant
I leave to them my epitaph:

I did my homework, did the math
but laughter is the road less tracked;
I set out with my map, my pap
through elites I cut a swath
entertaining all my wrath

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