my surprisingly practical subway dreams

One of the few, 'non-bizarre' goals I have in my cupcakey life, is to help build a subway along Toronto's Eglinton Ave, from Yonge St. all the way to Mississauga's Pearson International Airport.

Sadly, the current 'deficit'-obsessed political climate in Ontario means that new subway projects--planned decades ago but achingly slow to fund--will get completed at a snail's pace: we probably won't even have the York University subway until 2012-2015, 25 years after it was supposed to be online. Meanwhile we sit in our cars and trucks on the 400, 401 and 404, pouring $2 billion down the drain every year. It's criminal, really.

To read up on some of Toronto's underground issues, check James Bow's wonderful Transit Toronto page. That link tells of the partially constructed Eglinton West subway, which was kiboshed by former premier Mike Harris' provincial Conservatives during the now infamous era of anti-urban 'rationalization' policies in the mid-to-late-90s. Way to screw over the city of Toronto, Mike!

Look for a new Eglinton Subway blog, authored by yours truly, in the coming weeks. I don't know what it's like to be a transportation lobbyist, but I have a feeling it could be a hoot.

It might take 20 years to build the Eglinton subway; it might take 10--whatever. The more Torontonians (and non-Torontonians) scream and shout, the faster it'll get built. Let's raise a lil ruckus, and get those shovels in the ground.

More to come (no, really). In the meantime, here's another cool TO-transportation site.

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