Today is a sunny day, sunnier than most.

Today I am sticking with the same old font. Today I walked around and not once did anyone point out how worn out my shoes are. I haven’t got it all figured out Today. Today I did my laundry, as I did fourteen days ago. I haven’t kissed anyone Today. Today I got good news. Today I wished I never got old. Today I walked in snow. I am trying too hard to be original Today. Today was lonely. Today I have plenty of friends. Today my parents weren’t right. I really should get a job Today. Today the wind was not so cold, nor the pavement too hard. Today, I am going to play. I wish I could tell you I had something to say Today. Today I was looking for some simple beauty. I cleaned the floors Today--they get so dirty when you don’t pay attention. Today you walked past the house, and I never saw you again. Today you got someone else’s mail sent to your place. Today you didn’t have the guts to tell me off. Today I made you smile. Today dust is collecting on my desk. Today laughter is still free. Today somebody won the lottery. Today planes bombed a city. Today is too obvious for sarcastic people.

I am not gay, Today. I need to shave, Today. Today cockroaches are getting along just fine. Today I looked for Him. Today was “all about Vietnamese cuisine”. Today is as good as any. Today I ripped off Van Halen. Today Today, tomorrow the world. Today the blues are playing in that building--the one with the clock tower. I didn’t just sit around Today. Today your favourite teacher was thinking about you. Today I couldn’t handle the pressure. Today I am for sale. Today your eyes said something different to me. Today you ran, and once you run you will never stop running. Today I almost got run over by a truck, seriously. Today you told me the one about the Pope and Racquel Welch in a lifeboat (“...those aren’t buoys!”). Today I have to go. I am missing you Today. Today is all we got. Today is Sunday.

(march '99)

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