profoundly stupid poem


Salad days

I spent nine years learning to tie my shoes
I spent money on booze—weekends sipping, weekdays quitting
I spent nine months in an underground snooze
But now I’m eating salad

I spent my life in an excuse
I spent summers in a wintry blue
I spent a year trying to chase her too
And now I’m eating salad

(The girls flap purses in neon twilight
before Booster Juice, gossip loose
tongues flappy, tight butts tucked, exposed tummy
there’s a hole in the belly bowl…)

I have a new credo, a way that works
a rejuvenated libido; call me “big turk”
I have a million words to say
turns to phrase, games to play
I’m skipping every stale entree
just let me at that salad!

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