(another) three minute midnight

Pulitzer prize scribblers in election night hysteria, Lloyd R and the world with bated breath wait, so quick to pounce on any stray voter, Ohio, Florida, the multivocalic states, in a partisan civil war.

Putrid fetid choppers and the terrible mandible that slices and dices with uninterrupted neurotic smoothness, so hair free and care free in this magical bubble tea and glass chrome universe. I was alone all day and claustrophobic all night. I was talking to you in a gleaming case of dew, talking so loudly in an elevator too. Let’s get off on the 66th floor; pry a fireplace poker to open up the door. I was talking to the weirdoes and they fell through the floor, down elevator shafts splattered with gore—we’re in love, we four, me, Galahad, Guinevere and Elenore. The raven quoth bleakly, “nevermore? no more.” I grab volumes of Poe and hurl them out the door, we get down tonight on the waxed watery dance floor, it’s great when you’re alone but you never get bored.

Old men smell like bleach in the hall, they don’t clean themselves, they got mildew in their pores. Zanax and Zantac and the million man march. My favourite tree has got to be the ash or the larch. Poultry polemics and goose ganzissima, the Italians buy cheese--whatever gli piacciono moltissima. I wait for hours in the middle of a boat, there is never enough pasta when you want to buy a goat.

Yodel all day, touch me when you like, I smile when it’s easy and I like to ride my bike, it’s the exercise I get, the best way to breathe, when twister doesn’t happen the orgy doesn’t please me. There are things in this life that none of us can know, there are people who are lying and it rarely ever shows, there are beauties I describe and I try to tell them no, but the words are alive—I don’t control them any more. The rain it comes, it wets what it wants, I glove my baby chick and we ride out the storm, where there’s happening and union and love in the torn. I was called together by the moon and eclipse-- and if you return in 2007 like the next lunar E, I can finally pay you back, for everything you gave me, how you helped me, saved me that day when I was nearly gravy; you picked me up and let me cry, you let me be your baby.

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