Noodle and Doodle

(read this out loud... oodles and oodles of fun)

First, there was Noodle; then, there was Doodle.

Noodle said to Doodle: “Food, Doodle.” For Noodle wanted something good to chew.

Noodle wanted food – but as Doodle knew with Noodle and food, few foods were there for Noodle to chew which Doodle did not chase for Noodle. With no Doodle, Noodle knew not what to do for food.

But one day, Doodle did not move when Noodle called for food. Choosing not to chew, Doodle drew a few doodles. Though foodstuffs too were few, what doodles Doodle drew improved.

Doodle delighted in drawing. But Noodle groaned, hungry.

Asked Doodle: “No food, Noodle?”

Noodle: “Not for me, not with you Doodle, you fuddy duddy fool. Go to school and doodle-improve -- you’re muddling my cool. I need food! You flim flam mule, it’s time you learned the rules.”

Doodle died inside; he grew blue at Noodle’s bad mood.

Now Noodle, he knew Doodle did what Doodle does, but chose not to encourage Doodle to do what Doodle did best.

Doodle, blue, groaned and not drawing, chose instead to dabble. With dabbling done, not doodling, did Doodle find a bit of food.

Noodle, dapper, chewing food at last, said to Doodle: “Food is cool, Doodle, do dine, else we both are fools.”

Doode grew red, he drew on inner dread; Doodle threw Noodle’s food at Noodle’s head!

Noodle now red, said, “Doodle, do not do this to my food – else Noodle make Doodle dead!”

Doodle, his red redder than Noodle’s, said: “Make me dead? Noodle, you go on and try it. Noodle, you go right ahead.”

But Noodle did not move.

Doodle said: “You make good on Doodle’s dabbling? You, Dapper Noodle, happy and good, do you now choose to offer food?”

Now Noodle’s face turned blue.

Said Doodle: “Fie fie, pooh pooh! I’m leaving you Noodle, I take my dabbling with me!”

Noodle’s face turned black.

Continued Doodle to attack: “From now on I does what Doodle must do: good doodling, improving at drawing. You, you dread-threading, bed-wetting, limp Noodle—it is you who are the fool.”

Now Doodle knew there was no turning back. He said: “So listen up, when the sun comes up, there’ll be no more Doodle for you to beat like a mule. Doodle cannot be cool while Noodle abuses, so screw you, Noodle – there’s more to life than dabbling."

"Really," asked Noodle, "like what?"

Said Doodle: "There’s doodling and there’s drawing; and that’s what I’ll do instead!”

With that, Doodle went to bed. Noodle was dumbfounded; he also went to bed.

And the very next day, Doodle did exactly what he said he would do.


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