Resistance is futile?

“I am no more me than you are you; I am defined by my external pieces, my extensions: The CDs I listen to, the words I write on blogger, the things I say over the telephone, the clothes I wear, the sushi and sashimi I eat, the books I read, the hockey pucks I shoot into yawning cages, the perfumes I wear with ‘fragrant’ delicto, the preset radio stations in my car. My insides are irrelevant; you can't test what you can't see. But at least now things are finally peaceful. Do you agree? We’re all connected now; I mean, we have to agree. All our bits and pieces, it makes a big beautiful puzzle. Do you agree? You better agree. Forget the pelican man--you better agree.

Middle East? Soon enough, they will agree too--ha ha, 'peace' by piece-by-piece. Conflict free, you, me and Muhammad Ali, won’t we be happy…”

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