How much excitement can you pigs handle???

I'm taking a brief respite from cupcakes and their attendant consequences for the next week or 10 days. Nonetheless I have some important...


Good news! FIAC Volume II: Liberty is a Bagel, a new freedom-filled compilation, will 'hit shelves' in the approaching weeks. Can you believe it? Yes, well a lot of thirsty, contusion-inducing work must still be done, but FIAC's latest sanity-stretching (ill)literary lootbag of (un)poems, (ir)rambles and (---)sequiturs should be ready by mid-January 2005. Those who managed to make it through FIAC Volume I know it was an emotionally searing, painfully soul-destroying dirge-drama, but this second one will be a lot more fun, both to have written and to read--I promise. Though, I'll still 'freak' the 'funk' right out of you in my own special way--because I know you pigs eat that shit up. Such enigmatic excitement!

So by all means continue to be a part of online history: if you leave a comment on FIAC when Vol. II is done, I'll send you the WORD attachment, which you can save and treasure in your hard drive forever. Or, just turn your printer on, and run off what you like for posterity. Yowzah!


Now taking shape is the long-awaited FIAC Stupendous Short Story Agglomeration, a collection of 25-30 stories previously published online (in baffling bits and pieces), all which will be finished off for your incredulous edu-tainment. Tentative target for this cerebellum-shattering anthology is set for February 2005. Enjoy the brain-disturbing, bowel-distending misadventures of such antiheroes as The Three Big Pigs, the rebellious Rambunglstiltskin and the man-child Moses DreckSnider in the comfort of your living room, ie even without an internet connection. What frenetically fantabulous fantasticality!


Hotly anticipated by the litterati and half-witterati alike is www.pungents.com, a punderfully cupcakey col-laff-eration with esteemed colleague Hominus Iracundius Brunius. The Pun Gents will be mainlining in pun-blication in just 13 days; we'll be kook-ing up a whole lotta trouble; so to all you eager pungredients soon stepping into our sizzling linguistic griddles on Dec 1, 2004, I promise you'll not be dish-appointed!


(ok ok, I'll let you catch your breath... back in a jiffy ;-) )

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