PunGents.com - a Chronology of Hype

The XML has been mashed into submission, the Dreamweaving done, the HTML racheted to perfection; yes, the punstruction is complete.

Angry Brown Man and I are sitting tight for the next 24 hours, but when December arrives in all its coldness, so too do the Pun Gents arrive in all their boldness.

For those addicted to the excitement, here it is:

PunGents Chronology of Hype:

  • October 15, 2004 - After much soul-searching, Angry Brown Man decides to abandon his fruitless ph.D studies, and search for meaning beyond the grim cages of academia. The Cupcake Man, eager for a partner to assist in his own quest, welcomes ABM with open arms. The duo consume much coffee and cabbage rolls one Tuesday evening at a certain Toronto eatery, appropriately named Future Bakery. Having resolved toward greatness, all possibilities for the Future - marvellous, mad and sundry - are entertained with wild-eyed gusto; misgivings, inhibitions and obstacles crumble like so many flakes of cabbage. The world is their oyster.

  • November 7 - Several more visionary trips to 'the Future' and the duo has laid the groundwork for the universe's most revolutionary pun-based web site. The next day there's an announcement in FIAC, followed by more Cupcake hype on the 15th; hysteria surrounding www.pungents.com steamrolls, from snowball to avalanche. The universe runs for cover.

  • November 18 - The concept of "Puns on Demand" is leaked strategically; the online community soils itself in disbelief.

  • November 19 - Still more FIAC hype; the intelligentsia collapse into coughing fits; the proletariat sharpen their pitchforks for revolt; young lovers toss themselves into burning volcanoes - all because of the Pun Gents.

  • November 29 - Scant hours ago, Angry Man Brown announces a cessation of his frantic script-mashing and Dreamweaving energies. The Pun Gents, their brows beaded with blood, sweat and tears, bask in the sweet moment of anticipation; their web site is finally ready.

    The question is...


Because, you see, at midnight tonight - the universe has nowhere left to hide.

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