brain lint

Cyril P Wurther walked into a momentless vortex

The best sentence is this: francophone beelzebubs ticker themselves.

What’s the longest sentence ever?

Drained into the edge of time is a cool moe dee sandwich

Every step of the way

Zapatista rebellions

Mendocino clearance

I am the master of framing

Urban couture is bliss.

Rain down on the Gap awning.

Fire hydrant hair-dos

Words to refuse to use: love, madness, sadness, good and evil.

What one writer said to another: you are too sad, you are too verbose; you are too judgmental.

Cathedrals stand for centuries, but the marble doesn’t stay shiny forever. Genghis shmengis, said Larson.

The editor of Lima Bean magazine and the fired deputy minister of agriculture, they met one moment at a cocktail party and discussed the desiccation of that year’s soybean crop. The trouble was with the olive, the competing shrubs infringing and impinging negatively on profits.

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