more pointless than usual

The best part of the midday is the gregarious girlish pig men who snort and whistle.

Police mavericks and yellow Edsel drones and the rewound pumpernickel buttress makes you chug pepper; the leopard the deft swiss chard salesmen who gear down in their trucks and curse their Irish luck. Snails and mimes test my patience, yes.

And if the electric light is pure information, perhaps that’s why nothing interesting happens on the internet per se.

A reason, flash of insight into the human condition; it disappears suddenly and you wonder if inspiration will return, but I guarantee it does. Keep your head up and miracles become routine.

My children all alone, the house burning down, help me save them! save them! Thank you thank you now let’s not forget the furniture too I paid a fortune and none of it’s insured.

(…the ungrateful electromagnetic attention span)

You killed me in August, I was burnt by the sun; I used to be rare but now I’m, well, done.

Let’s all go play Bingo, it knows how to treat me right at least; let’s get together and sell tickets all night. There were a million smokers in there. There were a million tribes in MesoAmerica. There was B-eleven and fifteen weaknesses, there was N-fifty-five and G-twenty side effects.

Man, all things get in the way of writing. It only comes when I can’t do a thing about it. There is so much else.

Cowardice lies in the barrel of a gum, fishstick nuggets populate the earth, Fu man chu and his accent is the worst. Whiff the wind, the thunder blinks--call it lightning, flashes, winks. Man crawled, he walked; he thinks.

Police the trout; haul em in, cast em about, don’t overfish or the money runs out.

Defrocked Cappuvino? Poinsettia palming bigots, rotund monks sifting earth to earn livings, pressing wine to make townfolk drunk, disingenuously drumming up business for Saturday afternoon confessionals.

Anger, intercepted by hunger

“I want so much to smash you
shake you up and thrash you
wanna lock you up and stash you
ride up and lasso you
I’m gonna trade you for a… peameal rasher
at the bacon-butter rodeo?”

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