classification scheme (finally)

(Like most things, this post is more worthwhile if you've read the book first)

Looking back on the first 15 FIAC (un)poems, here's what I figure:

Inward or outward (I or O)
Girl (G)
Craft (C)
Nonsense (N)
Random (R)
Rhythm (M)
Happy or sad or angry or spooky (H or S or A or Y)
Zesty (Z)
Keystone (K)
Worldview (W)
Biographical (B)

  1. The entertainer CAKO
  2. Who’s afraid of the dark IWMCKY
  3. about (bad) poetry ZCOK
  4. Not so easily classified YIC
  5. 236 Lake Drive, Willow Beach BIO
  6. coffee cup rhymes WIMSK
  7. Afternoon drive OH
  8. Calm and storm RY
  9. Can I get to heaven before I go to hell? IG
  10. Sass-und-frazzle INHZW
  11. Dec07—subconscious INMY
  12. A deer caught in the headlines (National Post, Nov 11) OCA
  13. freedom o’ press AWOC
  14. cracked eggheads, indigestible omelette (too many cooks) AZOMW
  15. The techno-babel genesis ZWO
Then I got bored, and figured who gives a rat's ass. Feel free to figure out the other 85. Talking about me bores me to no end; it honestly does. Is that sad?

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