Decent and lovable, and so we gave him a chance to prove himself. I tried especially hard to offer support. He was new to the office; he maybe stuck his foot in his mouth too early into the software development season, but heck we’re all human so I didn’t punish him for it. Instead I offered him a bag of corn oil, dripping and gooey, yet effective under intense pressure and steam flux. Even sparrows, a lot of throws, a wigwam convention, and it all came to blows. A lack of vision, too trusting and insane, it leads to the draining of the swampy everglades of the mind, the head, the brains of the dead, I walked and I paced, the dread grew inside me. I take the bait and I sight a wagon; the trusting never stops. Even, alone and the milky canine bone, doused and extinguished and slathered with foam. Out like a light and never again to brighten. In the dark, things are a little murky you see. I have a cataract anyway so my vision’s obscured. I can’t see, it comes from far off. Myopia ruins, yellow violet and ochre. Assachaar. And Sampson and the toad, Delilah took his hair. Mini Wheats are tasty, you cannot deny it. A breakfast fit for monarchs, a delicious snack to boot. I am in thralls, I am in a 5x8 cubicle. Fluctuation of the tawdry, the yellowing of the sewers. Ursine yet bovine, canine and feline. Logarithmic, insidious and cathartic. A chattel, a catheter, a cathedral, and cancerous collagen collages of college. Populous and perverted, dribbling and fusty, millions of the cut-throats are lying if they’re lusty. Policed and fire-proofed, it is the century of the trout. I am hefty and I’m stable but I suffer from the gout. Lubed up and dried out, it’s Easter for the elves, but I can’t seem to reconcile the sofa with the shelves.

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