Want the meaning of life? Go read the dictionary...

Colon flips, a sonar blip, tasting ratatouille; logs in the Lincoln, Beverley Hills Hilton, the ash tree threatened by a little Asian bug, pewter mugs and the war on drugs, fried bat wings, the perpendicularity of things. Orthogonal, diagonal, high pot in use. Wembley stadium, Mississauga Playdium, the knack for the wiring and the electrician I never hired. Eglinton and Avenue, the need for venue, retinue, the feudal dues, the poverty of Chad. Big band went bad, too many strings play original things, Britney, Christina, an Oscar Meyer wiener. The drama in a teapot, a tour of Islamabad. Rock Jakarta and you’re joking, the prohibitiveness of smoking, the technology for cloaking, it fascinates my aunt. Lionel Hutz, cosmic klutz, a skater’s triple lutz, it’s like robbing all the banks. Toned firm calf, a subtle bit of cleavage, knighthood for Sir Burbage, let’s burn all the garbage. Yodel on the boulevard, take a tour of Scotland Yard, root out all the evil, bleach kills pesky weevils, teetering but stable like a mountain trolley cable. Wiggins and the bum show, bombarding all of Tokyo, reasons I don’t like Yoko. Pickles in the ozone, quirks of clowny Bozo, gyrate through Yom Kippur. Assiduous in meaning, with difficulty gleaning, a need for dry cleaning, the juice tastes like chicken pie. Venerable and withered, Mr. Weatherbee and Grundy, something pops into mind and so I write it down.

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