Wiggety Wack!

I have decided that from now on, every Wednesday will be a Wacky Wednesday™. No longer shall 'humpday' come and go without the fanfare or 'fooforah' that it deserves. The time has come for Wacky Wednesday™; the time is now.

What's it all about? Well, it’s different for every person, but Wacky Wednesday™ might involve things like tying brightly coloured bowties to your wrists, swallowing large quantities of household kitchen spices like chili powder or vanilla extract, or making impulsive and irrational purchases at the pet store (think giant squawking birds from some Pacific island paradise, or a wild and wacky Texas armadillo). The possibilities are infinite, the domains of wackiness (wacky clothes, wacky hairdos, wacky things you say to the crossing guard on your way to work) as all-encompassing as the colours of the rainbow… btw my pick for wackiest colour ? A tossup between tangerine and aquamarine; how bout you, what's your wackiest ‘rainbow flava’?

Regardless, I expect all of you to pick up the Wacky Wednesday™ torch, and follow my lead into uninhibited wackiosity.

Wacky Wednesday™--not just a day of the week; it's a plastic bag with nifty eyeholes that you wear over your face while out walking the dog, and then at the intersection you take your shoes off and sniff the insides while singing the theme from ‘Showboat'...

So, in addition to your usual FIAC exploration check here every Wednesday for some seriously wacko wackiness!

Coming up next week: tips on how to make every Wacky Wednesday™ its absolute wackiest.

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