latest from the DPRK

Here's what passes for front-page news in that dangerous Disneyland of a country known as North Korea. Stories this compelling/disturbing must be shared:

Human Love Fully Displayed in DPRK [North Korea]
Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- Human love is being fully displayed among the people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Some time ago doctors of the North Phyongan Provincial People's Hospital and students of Sinuiju University of Medicine completely cured a badly burned patient who had been at death's door, by donating their blood and pieces of skin without hesitation.
The pieces of skin they grafted to the patient five times amounted to more than 9,800 square centimeters and the blood they transfused 29 times to 3,500 milliliters during some 120 days of treatment.
Doctors and other employees of Pyongyang People's Hospital No. 2 also recovered scores of wives of mining workers of the Majon Mine in Songchon County, South, from critical conditions caused by an accident.
For more than 40 days of treatment, they held over 500 consultations, conducted some 20 surgeries, big and small, took over 50 X-ray examinations and carried out over 1,230 tests. A large amount of blood and costly medicines was applied to the patients.
At the Kim Man Yu Hospital, a crippled girl was treated to walk by herself.
Foreigners who witnessed such beautiful deeds said that such warm love for people can be seen only in Korean socialist society where all the people live as a big harmonious family with leader Kim Jong Il as their father. [emphasis mine]

I try not to comment explicitly on politics/current events, but I gotta say, when an entire nation falls victim to its own massive 'Truman Show,' something crazy is gonna happen when the other shoe drops.

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