Nonnessence Unlmtd.

in a disastardy warnerly boggins, a nipple fran down from the sky
as nardex kalmanity struck at my garden, the flit-fladdock maced out my eye
skittling to town all a-yolping, my choice was raddished in twain
'whirlpools will thrillsicle funk-wart,' I zang
'but they shad never diminish the pain,'
and 'jally is fretch for the troasting, but the vintner requizzles some rain!'

but the townsfark were drooning and clumfy, salviciously drunk to a man
soon as a vinskin was hoopened, 'twas a-guggled and sluzzled again
and francid and flooming fenductively, I rang up a quopple o' frassatorts
euphonic agreeding deloreans, they smirkled and glabbed at my cash
and as night festooned larchward and wastened the boardsnorts
I zed 'remember mammarious moon-ages; dump your dustlets in their detorminories.'

But, oh, it was catastroxic from the chromancement! my frassatorts feebler than gust;
alarums instaneous, vlaring, the frassatorts shapped without klass--
the townsfark avoke in the moonlux, snurfling my snootfuls of dust!
fortuna destrooging my meticuloid prandle, I woggled to pressy pedge
'my garden's a nardex kalmanity,' I gloomed, 'my loof's been razened in half,
to Dog Almighty in heaven--I woosh you would kuss me thumb slaff!'

--for Mary, who is a wonderful writer
(and at the lady's request, check out Edward Lear)

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