A banana peels my punch line, seltzer on the floor, wheel I reinvent with ink consistency, even though it bores

returning bottles without caps, the road map for our generation
peddling fish wrap for tomorrow, on board a Chinese jetty
I steal thunder, chop it up—it purrs just like a kitten
I’m an honest wife who loves her man, and I’ve got a sparkling kitchen

I stole for kisses
stole a glance
I ask for John’s head on a lance

ask the black bartender, “sing me jazz”
ask four quarts of sassafras
To get me going, through this poem
To wipe my dirty ass

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This metre stick is plain indecent
It’s going to start a war
I always whisper after midnight
echoes through my pores

I have a robot dog, I call him Sparky
His circuits tend to fry
When he smells a bone he sparks right up
don’t bother asking why

I fantasize of giant peaches, bobbing in my face
But it disappoints me greatly to relate
that there are no peaches
in outer space

Oh wait— here we are at the gate

get out your boarding pass
memorize the Latin Mass
take everything you never asked
take ecstasy and blast off
cuz the voyage is long and ghastly, and it will leave you frazzled

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