freedom o' press

(because the public has a right to know)

freedom o’ press

Readers of the world, unite!
your Writers do not right
they cage you in their pens
skinny pale women, sour little men
daily opinion, pundits political, critical hippos, commentators
compensate for friends
with ‘professional relationships’

clique of vipers, insider outsiders
hissing secrets to each other
revelling in their voices
pretending privately for them
what is public
don’t bother them with letters because
they don’t know how to read

how do you spell ‘dutiful eye’?
it’s ego ego, doody-filled ego
mercenary eagles, deadline beagles
but how you spell ‘hack’?
the message, dear reader, is the medium:
so put down that paper--now
pick up your broadsword and ATTACK.

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